Wednesday, June 24, 2009


From:: Ramon, Queens Black Watch Band.
Ya know how tha Rollin Stones is lika Scotsman? ....
The Rollin Stones say Hey You, Get offa my cloud
A Scotsman willl say, Hey, McCloud, get offa my EWE.

ORLIS Says ...
The Ozarks were settled by mostly Scots,
Ya know, the Roman empire gave up at Scotland ,
They just built a wall, Adrian's wall.

The British tried for a thousand years,
Couldn't kill the culture.
Ya know what a Scotsman ul'll say,
F... the king, brang im on.

He's got big ears and cross eyes.
I'll rolla rock down on him.

Thay's hillbillies
And Ya Know
the bagpipe is the most obnoxious instrument ever invented.

I don't ever agree to taking life,
(especially innocents)
But ... Osama Ben Laden is a hillbilly
You can be the Roman Empire,
You can be the British Empire,
You can be the Roming Empire.
With the biggest high-tech Army on Earth,
But you can't stop a hillbilly, he'll hide in a cave and roll a rock atcha.
If ya wanta catch im, send a hillbilly after him.

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